Friday, October 28, 2011

Snob Surfaces: Take it to the Floor

In this edition of Snob Surfaces we move on to flooring options.  Everyone is familiar with the usual suspects:  wood, tile, carpet, vinyl, blah, blah, blah.  There are so many new options in flooring, and many of them are new ways to make old favorites sing.  Lets start with...


Herringbone floors are nothing new, these beauties have been stopping shows since the 16th century.  A favorite in the parquetry world of flooring; this is one option that will stand the test of time.  If the intricate patterning is causing your project cost to skyrocket, but you want to get serious impact with your wood floors try a painted or stained pattern

Like this beauty: a traditional harlequin pattern created with a dark ebony stain on a natural pine floor, keeping the wood grain visible throughout.

Or combine textures with a combination of paint and stain

Learn HOW TO paint or stain your own.

Another great option in wood floors, and a green one as well, is barn wood floors.  Salvaged from outbuildings that have been abandoned, these floors have a lifetime of character in
every inch, and they are  100% sustainable. 
Read more about this great option here.  Another reclaimed flooring option is wood used from wine or whiskey barrels.  This is one of my favorite new things. 
For information on this amazing whiskey barrel floor visit the link.
And, finally, in the wood floor arena one of the coolest options I think I've ever seen.  Wood Block flooring.  This option takes blocks off of wood beams to capture the beautiful end grain texture and pattern found there.  Available in both natural and engineered options.  Visit kaswell for more information on how this look is achieved.


Tiles that is.  Carpet tiles have been around for years; and honestly, I cannot rave about them enough.  A fantastic option for families, pet owners, or just clumsy or messy grown ups, you simply replace any tile that is stained or damaged by one of lifes little "oopses" and move on.  There are so many options in terms of color, texture and even pattern available.  Here are some favorites of mine:

This patterned option is stunning!  Amazing impact in an otherwise neutral space.  Use tiles to ground out your seating arrangement, cover the entire room or create a customized area rug.

This suzani inspired print is so lovely:


Cork flooring is an amazing option for a lot of reasons.  It is sustainable, created from removing the outer bark from cork oak trees rather than cutting them down.  It is one of the most insulating materials available, absorbing sounds and vibrations and its cellular structure also makes it a buoyant surface, very soft underfoot and less likely to shatter dropped objects.  The different colors available make just about any decor style achievable, and, I am loving the patterened designs shown here:

I adore this floor!  So unique!

Create a border like in this kitchen

this bathroom floor was created with wine corks. 


Cement flooring is no longer an option for the outdoors only.  One of my favorite new design options is acid stained concrete floors.  Created with a natural chemical reaction formed between the wet cement and a combination of salts and other  materials.  Read more about it here

 The marbled look achieved with the acid dying process is very luxe.

What are your thoughts on the flooring options shown in this snob surfaces edition?  Do you have a favorite?  A burning question?  Hit us with your best shot.  I dare you to stump the snobs. 

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