Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Home Fit for a SNOB, May Sitting Room

Jane and Nicole, with the final design

Hello fellow Snobs!  Today we'd like to share some photos of a recent install for a clients sitting room.   Let me set the stage for you:  The client, a renter, wanted to add color to her space since she is forbidden from painting.  We have to work with:  beige sofa, beige chair, white-washed sofa table, beige carpet and beige walls.  Lets take a look at some befores:

This is what our room looked like during the initial design consultation.  Pretty beige, no?  Who is the pooch?  Meet Asher, our clients adorable Goldendoodle.  We love Asher!

The clients were married on April 9th, 2011, we LOVE adding personal touches to make your home feel special and unique to you and yours.

The Snobs hard at work!

Custom pillow covers to fit over existing pillows

A colorful, chunky throw to add texture and incorporate our palette throughout the space

Our clients wedding cake topper, little birdies, appropriately!

I love the way the light from this ceramic cut out globe plays on the wall

These colorful mixed media prints served as inspiration in our space, picking up color from the existing drapery panels our client has in her adjacent kitchen and dining space:

This project was so much fun to work on.  We took the space from boring beige, to a cohesive room, filled with color, texture, simple patterns, and additional storage and seating.  We love the warm, cozy feel we've achieved for our clients. 

A huge thank you to our photographer Sara Michelle.  She makes stuff.  Adorable stuff.  Take a look at her store


  1. When it comes to home interior design many people think that repainting your home and changing furniture are the only things that will make a big difference......

  2. The living room looks fabulous! Where did you find the chunky colourful throw? I would love to get one for my living room.

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