Monday, September 13, 2010

A Wray of Light

Day two of The Traveling Snob consisted of a stop in Wray, Colorado.

But first, let me start with what an honor it is to know the Queen of Wray, Colorado...  beauty, brains and driving precision.  

A Master Bath in need of tender loving care.  Actually, my client was in need of tender loving care.  This spa treatment required the call of our informal feathered friends combined with an antique touch.

Impressive tile install by the home owner.  Lined up and grouted to perfection, such a joy to add a little more sparkle.

The orange belly bird is perched in his nest on top of a Civil War Lantern replica, hung from the copper painted ceiling.

The iron bird bath is perfect for favorite aromatherapy soaps and bath salts.  A long necked watering can adds just the right light when the over head lights are turned down and relaxing music is playing in the background. 

I love this antique sewing bucket filled full with tissue rolls.

A few more little birdies sit close by their bird house.

The seat of this dark stained wood bench is padded with double stitched leather.  I think a plush pair of slippers would sit nicely underneath.

An heirloom chair is the perfect place to sit with the chicks.

I can't resist placing another "Wray" of light  in this distressed watering can, colorful Colorado flowers and crystal cut glass with a hint of amber.  A great way to brighten your day while brushing your teeth.

My next visit, I am sure to bring my spa towel, favorite slippers and a bottle of bubbly to sip on while soaking in the jacuzzi tub.

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