Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't Be Scared!

Are you scared of bold patterns and color in your home?  Or is it too pretty to sit on?  You find photos of rooms and you love it every time you see it but...

Don't Be!

Genius Interior Designer, Tobey Fairley, explains great design and great rooms can be lived in by the entire family.  It's not just for show anymore, like the room that you were aloud to only look at but could not sit in.  Get over it!  I used to have a room like that and it's just not worth it.  Relax, take a chill pill, a house is to be "lived" in. 

It's about choosing the right materials, washable and durable.  A little extra effort and research can really pay off.  Are you living in your home or looking at it and yelling at the family?  I like to say, "it's just a thing."

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