Saturday, September 4, 2010

Corn or Bust

It has been a busy summer.  When I don't have time to blog, I am definitely working long days.  Many of my projects are wrapping up and it's such a joy to see the final product of my passion. 

One of my projects over the very rainy and hot summer included recovering patio cushions for a client in Nebraska.  We have worked on many rooms over the years and I have not had the pleasure of visiting their beautiful home.  All designing has been accomplished from photos and measurements.  During one of their trips to Colorado Springs, an acquaintance asked my client why I have never been to their home in Nebraska.  Great question, I should have been there years ago.  I made a point to take a road trip to Imperial, Nebraska just a few weeks ago.

I love road trips in the car.  Hauling a dining room table to Nebraska and accessories for another client in Wray, Colorado on the way home, this was a quick yet fun trip. 

I stayed at a delightful Bed and Breakfast, The Balcony House.  Old buildings always have a unique history.  Built in the late 1890's as part of the original town school the building was later moved to its current location and the enclosed balcony was added.  The renovations were completed in 1999.

I really enjoyed the Sunflower Suite which included a jetted tub.  I can't think of a better way to wake up, with a splash of yellow and sunflowers.  

It is always fascinating to learn about another town, farming of crops, it's a completely different way of life from the big city.  A population of a little over 2000, everyone knows each other.  Waving at every person driving by is unheard of in the city, unless you enjoy being beat to a pulp.

The patio furniture was moved from the enclosed porch to the deck and the cushions were recovered.

The enclosed porch is now a beautiful and comfortable place to relax.  Custom frames are covered in rich leathers, caramel & cream velvets, with patterns trimmed to perfection.

Not only did I see the final product in my clients home, I completed custom upholstery for their neighbor as well.  

The journey does not end there.  My next blog will cover the drive home with a stop in Wray, Colorado.  This trip presented a great new business plan, The Traveling Snob.  I need to custom finish a motor home and travel to smaller communities lacking in home interior resources and design for those in need.

Till next time, corn out.

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