Friday, April 24, 2009

How It Lays...

My last blog featured the Snob's Top Ten of rugs. The following are examples of rugs and how they can be used to bring a design concept together.
The five following photos are from Tobi Fairley's blog.

The colors and subtle patterns of this room just would not work as well without the large bold pattern of this rug.

The subtlety of the rug under the bed grounds the room.

The soft colors and pattern of this room coincide with the upholstery and subtle colors on the wall. With out it, the contrast of a hard wood floor would take away from the beautiful furniture and the room just would not be the same.

Here, this rug makes a statement

Again, grounding the room.

The following three photos are from Catherine Martin. Amazing rugs!

Stair runner.

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