Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Open New Doors

How easily we become addicted to todays technology.  Since my discovery and obsession with Blogging, I have been known to spend hours surfing my favorite blogs listed on my site and finding more wonderful postings by talented bloggers into the later hours of the night.  Often times we take advantage of what we have until they are broken or just simply gone. 
 A little over a week ago, my computer would not turn on.  I have come to realize just how much I rely on that little piece of technology and what a vital part of my business it really is.  (I am almost done here and then some inspiring photos to view) Be sure to purchase the extended warranty on your computers.  At the time of purchase it may seem like a lot of extra money, but in my case, well worth it!  
Soon, I will no longer fight for time on my daughters computer. 
To catch up my fill of fun for the late hours of this evening, will be more than one posting.


Such a beautiful pattern around this awesome red door.

Love this green, can't get enough green.  Just ask my sister.  I picture myself sitting with my best friend enjoying a really good glass of red wine.

This photo is so wonderful, it leaves my jaw hanging wide open.  I love everything about it!

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