Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving Table Ideas, There's Still Time!

A mix of colors, patterns, natural & elegant.

The stage is set for a beautiful setting.

Three years ago I was searching for some inspiration for a Tablescapes Event I had the honor of being a part of. 
I stumbled along this little gem, StoneGable, an inspiring creative living blog.  Instantly knew that I was in big trouble!  Hook, line and sinker...
I Love Tablescapes!

Time for Snob Interior Design Tablescapes 101:


It's all about layering and mixing.

Don't over think it!  Just do it.  Stack different sizes, colors and textures of plates. 
It's not about matchy, matchy. 

The same goes for the linens. You always start with the basic white/cream base with the tablecloth and napkins and layer on top.

The white napkin is for actual use, easy to wash and bleach. 

Linens are not difficult to make.  Often times it's tough to find a certain color or look you have in mind and much of your time is spent shopping all over town. Purchase the fabrics you like and make them yourself.  

Secret, my last tablescapes I did not sew the edges of my napkins, they were ironed with fusible tape.

The third photo of this post gives an example of mixing fabrics for a layered look.

Here is an easy tutorial on reversible placemats and napkins.

I will be sharing more tablescapes ideas on Facebook and Pinterest throughout the week.  Follow along!

Set the stage for your Thanksgiving meal with a little extra punch and WOW your guests, you'll be thankful.

Have a GRATEFUL Week!

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