Wednesday, September 5, 2012


This week it's all about Gorgeous [GREIGE]!

Monday Mashup was fun with a masculine [GREIGE] flair from Designer David Jiminez paired with a more chic feminine feel of clothing/accessory fashions from Chloe.

Today we take a more in depth look at [GREIGE] beginning with Snob Interior Design's STYLE FILES.

Some inspiration with a moodboard, paint samples and accessories to pull a room together in your home.

 This music room is a combination of grays and beiges as discussed on Monday Mashup.  Love the sheet music pasted on the wall, the perfect backdrop for the room. 

Mixing similar tones and multiple textures makes this a cohesive space.

Decorate your home with the colors you like to wear.  

A lighting gallery curated just for your space.  Chose the lamps you like the best.  Lamps from Kristen Buckingham.

What are your favorite fabrics and patterns?  Choose from a collection for custom treatments. 

A floor plan is a great visual to see how and what the space will look like. 

You've had a glimpse of [GREIGE] from Designer David Jiminez, here is a good look at his style with these colors not so mashed together.

Now for some Gorgeous [GREIGE] Snob Interior Design Style.

This is a lovely little Directoire Hall Cupboard from Grange Furniture in an entry way.  A collage of birds in watercolors by a local artist is currently in process.  It will look perfect hung above the custom painted cupboard.  Great for storage and catchall for keys.  Every interior of this cabinet is in a cream finish. 

A condo in Houston, TX goes [GREIGE] with Drexel Heritage Walt Disney Signature collection.  Cool & midcentury modern.  

Another Snob client goes [GREIGE] with a desk chair from Drexel Heritage.  Custom painted finish on the wood frame and carefully chosen fabric, leather and nail trim combo compliments all the elements of this work/relaxation space.

Carrying this same color theme into the daughters bedroom sets the scene, a room for a queen.  Custom drapes frame the doorways. 

Again, Drexel Heritage Furniture specially painted & aged.

This Dining Room Redo was inspired by elements in nature mixed with a table top beauty, beaded placemats.  Fresh paint in two colors complimented by custom window treatments in fabrics from Wesco Fabrics. 

Schoolhouse Update: Palmer Hall of Colorado College goes [GREIGE] with a pop of green.

Mixed tiles of texture, colors and tones transforms an outdated public restroom for students in session.

 Finally we rap up Snob's Style...
This Master Bathroom shares some [GREIGE] with a pop of orange.  A vanity stool painted in gray coordinating with two shades of gray tile and a lovely printed fabric that becomes a focal point for the space.

Next, join Snob Interior Design on a shopping trip to The Barn.  

And The Barn Too...

Antiques, vintage, recycle, upcycle, what you like, has made a big come back.  Very [GREIGE]!

It's [GREIGE] Great!

Are you inspired?  Do you have a room to redo?  Do you know what style & colors you would decorate with?  Do you have a budget in mind?  

Then you're ready!  Contact Snob Interior Design...

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