Saturday, September 8, 2012


Wednesday was the kick off of Fashion Week in NYC.

With a degree in Apparel Design this is very exciting for me!

So in honor of Fashion Week I have put together a fun mashup of home decor and fashions with Olioboard.

My inspiration comes from Marc Jacobs and his fall 2012 collection framed on the back wall.  Each model is wearing oversized hats interpreted with Possini pendant lights from Lamps Plus.  

The outfits on each mannequin come from Posh Girl Vintage, an online vintage store for women & men.

It has been a joy to follow along all social avenues of twitter, instagram, facebook and pinterest.  Great photos of runway collections and street fashions. 

I started pinning photos from Fashion Week on Pinterest.

The next post of Monday Mashup will be special in a personal sense.  But no spoilers, you'll have wait for Monday to see what I'm talking about. 

Have a super weekend!

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