Monday, September 24, 2012

Fashion+Decor = [BROWN+GOLD]

Pantone is the "Ruler" of all colors.  When they say French Roast & Honey Gold are colors for this Fall, that's what we will see.

Today's Monday Mashup math lesson is Michael Kors + Mark Gillette Interior Design = [Brown & GOLD]

A warm neutral palette not just for fall, but can stay year round. 

All day I will be sharing Michael Kors style on 

A talented Designer with amazing style showing us how to go [Brown & GOLD].

Of course all week I will share more [Brown & GOLD] Interior Design via social media. 

Last week I mentioned a Blogging opportunity coming up...

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Beginning October 8th, Snob Interior Design is part of a Blog Hop on Olioboard. Joining about ten other bloggers on the topic of DECOR+FASHION.  Perfect, don't you think?! 

Have you started decorating for Fall yet.  If not, perhaps my focus on [Brown & GOLD] will inspire you. 

For more Fall Decor Inspiration one of my favorite bloggers and friend, Lynda Quintero-Davids of Focal Point Styling, has been all about welcoming fall.  If you are not inspired yet you will be after you see her blog posts, I assure you! 

Fall into a great week!


  1. OMG!!! Jane - THANK you so much for the fab fall mention! xo LOVE your style, boards, and enthusiasm. And what a great opprotunity, also SO up your alley: The October 8th Oliboard Blog Hop + Fashion & Decor

    xo Lynda

    1. Absolutely, you are a true master at what you do and an inspiration! So excited for the October 8th Oliboard Blog Hop + Fashion & Decor, it's an honor to be a part of such a professional team.

      All the best, Jane

  2. I was just thinking that earlier about the gold colors. Beautiful and so warm! :)

  3. Melissa, Yes! Especially metalic/glittery gold, it makes me drool! Thanks for stopping by... Jane G. xo