Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Work In Progress

I have to say that I truly have some of the most wonderful clients.  Not only do I love design, I love designing with wonderful people!  It's even better when we are progressively working through their homes over long periods of time, I'm talking about years.  Getting to know their personalities and knowing what is going on with their children and spouses, it's a bonding experience that brings me great joy. 

I'm talking about this because I visited one of those clients yesterday.  Delivering a custom ottoman, covered in a hair-on-hide she has had for a number of years.  In fact, it was a wildebeest that she shot herself.  It is intriguing to learn about the interest, hobbies and experiences of others that are so different from yourself.  I have never been hunting and probably never will.

Our work began last year with a Color Consultation to warm up the white walls.  They had just moved into a brand new construction.

We chose Sw6134 Netsuke from Sherwin-Williams for the base/all-over color and it turned out great.

 Then needing something on the windows for privacy, came window treatments.

Finally, after completing a few key rooms in the the home with artwork hung and accessories placed, we are working on some soft comfort touches, Pillows!

Have to have pillows. 

We chose some beautiful fabrics from WescoFabrics;

I'm thrilled with the the fabrics and trims by Trend-Fabrics;

Exciting will be the day when the pillows are ready for delivery.  By that time there will be an addition to the family, a new baby!  

It's the thrill of the hunt.  Great clients and great design. How can I not love this job?  


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