Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting Un-Clustered

So I asked the question on my facebook page Colie Leigh, and the resounding answer to the "what should I blog about next" question was.... storage and organizing solutions.  I have to admit, I am not a professional organizer, by any means.  I'm sure, however, that just like me, all of you feel super frustrated with the space(s) in your home that are cluttered, and you get jealous when you see a gorgeous closet, pantry, craft room... right?  The main concept in getting yourself out of the cluster of clutter, is to think OUTside the box, the box being your linen closet, kitchen cabinets, laundry room etc.  I've found lots of great storage ideas in my search for answers to this dilemma.  I am ready to try so many of these myself:

Here is my 1st tip for you.  Think VERTICAL SPACEYou have a ton of extra square footage if you simply look up off the floor.  Dont forget to keep a step ladder tucked away somewhere though.

What a fantastic idea for laundry room storage.  Add some beadboard, shelving, a tension rod and some curtains.  I wont say anything about the ancient washer/dryer combo.

This is another awesome laundry space.  You've always got unused wall space above your washer and dryer right?  Buy some pretty baskets, glasswear, tins etc. and store your stuff while you display it.

I love this idea to hang cleaning bottles on a tension rod under the sink.  Perfect example of using up previously unused space.

My 2nd tip, put it in a glass container.  This works wonders in a pantry space, get rid of the boxes, put on a  pretty lable, store your dry goods as if your pantry was a general store.  I'm doing this as my next home project.  Find inexpensive containers at your local hobby store, look for up to half price coupons online.

My 3rd tip, use up otherwise unused and unthought of spaces. 

This is so charming, easy to access, and downright brilliant

If you're short on cabinet space in the kitchen, get some pretty dishes that can be displayed on a wall in the dining space

Again, brilliant, a home communications center on the refrigerator panel

Here is another great example of using see through "containers."  This is a basic shoe organizer.  I love the idea of using up the door space, look how many boxes they've omitted from the pantry.  You can do this in your childs toy room, craft room, bathroom, garage, FAB idea!

And my final tip.  CUSTOMIZE it.  It is essential that you really look at your space and decide what areas you can sneak in additional storage. 

BHG had this amazing idea to share with the world.  Mount drawer knobs and pulls to a board, frame if you choose, fantastic way to store your jewelry without taking up counter or floor space.

Wow I am in love with this teeny tiny bedroom.  Get inexpensive closet organizers at your nearest big box store, mount a curtain to hide open shelving, hanging items, intstant storage and wow factor.

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