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Everyone knows that you can instantly spice up a bland room by simply painting the walls.  Buying a couple gallons of paint is a super inexpensive, and, since the human eye can distinguish some 10 million different colors, absolutely limitless.  Undeniably, the transformation that takes place from “bland” to “wow” is amazing.  But…. well, for some of us, we want MORE!  Read on if you often want to “take it to the next level” with your wall-coverings.  In this series of posts I will give you ideas on how to create a truly show stopping wall treatment.

to decoupage sheet music

In this first edition, let’s discuss some of the most obvious wall-coverings, paper, and fabric:
Wallpaper coverings from BOLD contrasts

Paper:  There are, of course, traditional wallpaper coverings; and while they have developed a bad reputation, there are some fantastic wallpaper options out there.  We aren’t talking about your granny’s wallpaper, these are often times hand-printed, always designer, definitely gorgeous options.  Whether you want to add a jolt of color, create a focal point with a bold pattern, or are striving to give your room more dimension, there is absolutely a perfect paper out there for your space.  There are other paper options to keep in mind as well… decoupage sheet music, poetry pages, old fashioned illustrations, maps etc.

I love how soft and subtle the design in this photo is.  With a very neutral palette, including white, cream and soft gray, the pattern and color in the wallpaper makes this room sing.

A bathroom or powder room is the perfect place for a bold print

Papers don’t have to be loud; this buttercup colored choice is a perfect backdrop for the homeowners eclectic pieces

A high contrast design such as this black and white botanical is a fantastic mix of masculine and feminine

This bold design adds a great textural effect to this wall, and serves as a stimulating backdrop to the neutral accessories

Choose a paper that tells a story, like this whimsical paper

utilize some of these fantastic wallpaper resources:
·         Clark & Clark
·         Cavern Home
·         Graham & Brown

Fabric:  Fabric has been considered an en vogue wall covering for hundreds of years.  This is one way to create one eye catching wall, cover an entire room in pattern or color, add some interesting texture to a space, or just instantly add a feeling of warmth and comfort to a room.     

 Fabric can be utilized in traditional applications, such as the room at left, where the room has been “wrapped” in the choice fabric

SNOB TIP:   how to hang fabric like a pro.

A traditional chinoiserie toile fabric, used sparingly in this room with a dramatic ceiling makes just enough of a statement

I adore the bold print used in this bedroom design; a neutral palette throughout the rest of the space keeps it from being TOO bold.

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  1. Fabric and the color of the rooms go hand in hand in creating a beautiful rooms.