Saturday, October 8, 2011

Snob Surfaces, the second edition

In this edition of Snob Surfaces we get really inspired and tackle wall treatments that are unexpected and pack a serious punch.  First up, LAMINATE!  Yes, I know, I just blew your mind.  Laminate is no longer a cheap surface for countertops.  This builder basic that everyone seems to despise can look AMAZING when slapped up on the walls.  Take a look at the proof:

This gorgeous wall is covered in Formica 180FX series in Petrified Wood.  This is definately a bold option, however, in the right setting completely show stopping.  This can be pulled off in many laminate styles, from woodgrain, to metallics to fabric textures. another of my favorites is Silver Travertine.  I would love to see this applied as a wall treatment in a residential application.

  Another option in the laminate world is one of the many wood grain styles they offer.  I love the option of using wood on a vertical surface.  The photo below is actually a hidden pantry door. 

Going a natural route is always a fabulous option.  Wood is not just for the floor, granite is not just for countertops.  While this has often been seen in commercial applications, if you are bold enough, and have a space that will allow it, adding wood or natural stone to the walls in your home is one way to wow the neighbors. 

I adore the wood "headboard" shown in the photo above.  Wood planks have been added in place of a traditional headboard in this bedroom.  It adds a ton of texture to an otherwise bland space.  And for some serious WOW factor, put in a granite slab wall like the home shown below.  While this is definately an investment, and not for those with a light heart (or pocketbook) I say, if you have the cash and the nerve DO IT!

And, finally, my new favorite thing; lumicor panels.  Lumicor creates resin panels with natural grasses, recycled glass, metallics, fibers, even coffee beans (yes, coffee beans) to be used in several applications, from countertops, to wall panels, room dividers, cabinet door fronts, furniture, even light fixtures.  An added bonus, lumicor uses recycled resins and qualify your project for LEED certification.  They are also antimicrobial, so a fantastic option for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

I love the application above.  What a zen quality this bathroom has with lumicor panels with natural grasses used as a room divider. 

One of my favorites is this residential staircase in which palapa grass has been showcased in resin panels.

Now, if I could only find out what this wall treatment is:

Any Ideas?

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  1. So cool. I never thought about laminate on the walls., duh! What a great idea.