Saturday, January 15, 2011

Now On The Go Go Go!

     I am so excited to finally talk about all the wonderful changes taking place at Snob Interior Design in 2011, but most of all I wanted to take a moment to roll out what I consider a philosophical change in the way I am doing business.
     A little while ago I had a realization that a common way of working with clients was not working as effectively or efficiently as I needed it to. With an increase in clients, it is imperative that I become more productive so I am able to provide the same level of personal/professional relationships that I envisioned maintaining when Snob began two years ago.
     A common model of working with a designer entails you the client going to a store and working with a designer in the store to create a plan for your home. Think about this, you must leave your home in order to create a plan FOR your home.
     After working like this for many years at the end of last year it simply no longer made sense. Why make my customers come see me when your home is what we are working with?
     It is an old adage that light plays one of the most important aspects of architecture. It is a small subtle, and almost indescribable feature of your home. Knowing how the light flows within your home can make a drastic difference in a design plan. There are many other examples of how standing in your living room provides me with a better understanding of what you are looking to accomplish than you would be able to describe or explain sitting in a retail store. 
     So in 2011 Snob Interior Design is proud to introduce Snob On The Go. For a small fee I will come out to your home and work with you to create a color plan, room plan, window treatments, or help you achieve whatever you envision for you perfect living space.

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