Monday, January 24, 2011

Color Coding

Choosing a paint color for a room can be intimidating. Where do you start?  Well, let’s start with a basic code to follow, making it easy.

Working with percentages, 60-30-10.  Simple math, It’s not difficult.  Seeing a unifying color is the trend, a theme in the 60percent hue.  Visual interest is found in 30 percent and 10percent offers a pop here and there.

Check out this Explanation, Comparison, and Translation:
60% Dominant color
30% Secondary color
10% Accent color

60% A men’s business suit, the slacks and jacket
30% The color of the shirt
10% The color of the tie

60% Translates to wall color of the room
30% The color of the upholstery
10% The color of accent pieces or a floral arrangement

Try out this code and see if your family and friends give you an A+ for your excellent math skills and color ability.

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