Thursday, April 16, 2009

Frame Of View

All windows are not created equally. Each of my projects currently, are window treatments, all for different rooms of the house as well as an office.

What do windows have to offer? A beautiful view of the snow top mountains you do not want to cover or the trash your neighbor refuses to pick up, so why not just hide it.

Maybe there are parts of a window you want to emphasize, such as intricate moldings or the smooth curves of an arch? Possibly you need to hide the heat and glare of the afternoon sun?

Often times a window is not large enough for the space, an illusion can be created with fabric placement. Extend the panels on each side of the window and wall to create the look of a wider window. Raising the panels higher, just under the ceiling creates height to an unusually
low window.

What is they style of the room: Traditional and formal with tapestries and silk brocades, Contemporary and modern with clean bold lines and geometrics, or Eclectic where anything goes.

Window treatments can be jewelry to help accessorize the room. Beads are not only worn around your neck. Applied to the leading edge of a simple pinch pleated panel adds a little extra charm.

A roman shade in a bold stripe or leopard print can pull the color scheme and pattern together to complete the area. Or your window can be the focal point of a space.

Panels may even define a space, such as another room or a sitting area.

If you are looking for beauty, privacy, shade, security or structure to add your home, window treatments are an easy way to accomplish just that.

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