Monday, December 17, 2012

More Holiday Decor

Last week was funtastic!

A week ago Monday was the Holiday Style OlioHop blog collaboration with nine other talented bloggers.  I hope you had a chance to drop by their blogs to see what they had to share about Holiday Style!  That's my favorite part of the OlioHop, each post is so unique and inspiring. I will share their links at the end of this post.

For me the OlioHop is not over.  I am continuing with my Holiday inspiration for 2012, much more to share.  I just love the non traditional colors, yet there is still a feel of Holiday Spirit.  My favorite, mixing old with the new...vintage and modern.  I Love It!   

This season is about Duck Egg.  The color Duck Egg from the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ collection.  If you remember last week I shared some photos of my process and then the final results.

Inspired by color, vintage, texture and pattern.

I like the simplicity.  

All of the pieces coming together with Duck Egg Blue.

A table for two.  What would be your favorite meal at this table?
I would love a Prime Rib dinner!

This week I am sharing a little more Holiday Decor.

The slipcover on the back of the chairs softens the hard edges of the wood dining chairs nicely. 

I am in love with the apron!  I put my Apparel Design Degree to good use. 

I'm a freak for inverted pleats!  It's perfect on the bottom of the apron and a tuck on the it.

Couldn't resist painting the pearl necklace.  Crazy, I know!  I have to have jewelry in a coordinating color.  A touch of blue around the collar of the white blouse is just right. 

The inside of the bottles are coated with watered down chalk paint. The lighter tone of the blue is just right as they sit on the painted tray coated with enough dark wax to give it a slightly aged look. 

Now we move to the Christmas Tree.  Or under the Christmas Tree rather...

We're used to seeing lights on the tree.  Why not take them to the floor...under the burlap skirt?!

  Rather than a round, flat skirt I took three yards of burlap, added grosgrain ribbon and scrunched it around the base of the tree.  
This adds so much more depth.

Can't wait to share more hand made details that make this Holiday Style special and unique. 

One last, really big special request!

Remember the Olioboard contest I entered a few weeks back?  Today is the last day to vote and overnight I fell into 3rd place!  

I am asking for one more big push on this final day, if you could vote today I would be so grateful!  Currently I am 30 votes behind first place and only 10 votes behind 2nd place.  How great it would be to finish in one of the top two spots! 

(to vote you must sign up for a free account, takes 1 minute, then click on 2013 Color Design Contest)

To vote click HERE.

I encourage you to see what all the blogger of the OlioHop shared, you will be inspired.

Thank you for your support and have a great week!

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