Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tobi Fairley Design Camp and Benjamin Moore Paint Packages; Time To VOTE!

I was so excited to write this post that I uploaded my photo and accidentally published it!  
(for those of you that received just a photo)

Here's what I want to tell you...

If you follow me even just a little bit you know that Interior Designer 

Tobi Fairley is one of my role models...right?

You may also know that I do a lot of my work on Olioboard as well...yes?

Oh, and I LOVE color.  So I'm a little crazy about paint...YA! 

Snob Interior Design Office

*vote* (my contest entry, Snob Interior Design Office) *vote*

I don't think there's a better combination than the current contest on Olioboard right now!!!

A chance to attend a Tobi Fairley Design Camp...I WANT TO GO!

As soon I received my email for this contest I was on my computer and the very first entry!  Honestly, I was.

It's so easy to vote, just create an account on Olioboard (it's FREE).  You do not have to create boards if you don't feel like it, just follow community members and occasionally comment on their designs or not.  You will be amazed, members from all over the world!  One of my favorite members is from India, a designer and she is amazing.  

So now I am asking you kindly, please please *vote* for me. 

Click on the Olioboard icon below to vote!

I am so grateful, thank you!

Just in case you would like to attend Tobi's camp but rather than entering the contest, you can sign up right here...

Enjoy the rest of your week and remember to *vote*!


  1. You know I'm off to go vote for you girl! Good luck and happy Friday! p.s. I clicked on the Olioboard tab and it's not taking me to your page to vote...

    1. You are FANTASTIC, thank you so much! So glad you let me know the link is not working, I'll get it fixed asap. Happy Friday to you too! ;D