Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Mashup

Welcome to a new series called 
Monday Mashup.

It's the pairing of Interior Design & Fashion.  

See how current runway fashions coincide with current interior design.  Color & style trends go hand in hand each year with the highly anticipated Pantone forecast eagerly awaited by all!

Todays feature of Snob Interior Design STYLE FILES: [EMERALD] City, pairs Snob's lastest Olioboard with the jeweled green shade of J.Crew's current collection and William-Christopher Design

This Dallas based Interior Designer believes, "A room should be equally appetizing when filled with people or when you're there alone.  It's your taste that makes a room seductive." -Billy Baldwin

How about you have a Mashup of your own?

Are the colors of your home similar to the colors you like to wear daily basis? 

Snob Interior Design would love to see some of your own Mashups!  Please share on Snob's Facebook Page...

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  1. Jane, this is so darling. . . you are going to have so much fun with this. The turquoise color looks wonderful on your blog with your blog background.

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