Monday, July 16, 2012

Pinned Collection; An American In Paris

Today Snob Interior Design brings you the entire collection of An American In Paris pinned together. 

Today we feature Madagascar - Tropics.

This lovely lime green embroidered linen blend adds just the right  pop of color to this predominately pink, black & white collection.  The repeat of the geometric is fantastic on larger scale pieces, great big pillows would be neat.

Did you know?

"Irene Sharaff designed a style for each of the ballet sequence sets, reflecting various French impressionist painter:  Raoul Dufy (the Place de la Concorde), Edouard Manet (the flower market), Maurice Utrillo (a Paris street), Henri Rousseau (the fair), Vincent van Gogh )the Place de l'Opera), and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (the moulin Rouge.  The backgrounds took six weeks to build, with 30 painters working nonstop." - IMDB

Tomorrow, in addition to the featured fabric of the day, we will look at another completed project with An American In Paris fabric in a different color way.

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All fabrics are from Wesco Fabrics

Photos courtesy of:
Snob Interior Design

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