Friday, June 15, 2012


Today Snob Interior Design brings you the second edition of Madison Ave Fabrics curated collection SKYLINE.

Wonderful fabrics full of texture from Wesco Fabrics. 

This curated collection is inspired by the television show Mad Men.

Fabrics are available for purchase in the brand new Snob Boutique.

Each day, Snob Interior Design will feature one fabric.  Todays featured fabric is the fantastic pattern that inspired the brainchild of Madison Ave Fabrics
Internet - Seascape.

While watching the season premier, I noticed a fabric in Don Draper's new Manhattan apartment on the sliding glass doors. It was Internet! 

  The same fabric I recovered on a set of dining chair seats, but in another color way.

There will be more specially curated collections to come.

Free samples can be ordered if you would like to see the fabric before placing an order. Just click on the SKYLINE logo to the side of the page.

Are you ready for a change in your home or have you been looking for inspiration?  

I hope Snob's Fab Fabrics inspires you.

Click on Snob Boutique to place an order today.

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