Friday, April 13, 2012

LAUNCH: A Day Of Design

This week I had the pleasure of attending LAUNCH: A Day Of Design at the Denver Design District.

This post chronicles my day in a life of a designer through Instagram

My day begins at Wesco Fabrics Showroom.

Marla Gentry and me enjoying the new fabrics & window designs.

Dick Gentry and designer also enjoying the seminar.

Haute Couture Inspired treatments with a touch of Yves.

Next stop, Grange Showroom.

Love the sliding bookcase to hide a tv.

Combinations of black, white, hot pink and lavender are spectacular.

Lovely little locker.

Industrial details, fantastic.
Amazing displays by Grange on Wednesday!

Break for lunch with beautiful textured views at Ebanista showroom.

For the final stop, Moda Antica.

Kristen Kilgore of Fabricut spoke about the new Charlotte Moss collection.  Love these new fabrics and trims!

As I peruse through walls and walls of the fabrics from all over the world, I can see the trend in LARGE prints.
Suzanni inspiration is everywhere.

I have to say my favorite pattern right now is this Ishtar print by Barry Dixon.  I love all five colors it comes in!

After spending a good 3 hours looking through fabrics, it was time to go home.

I cannot tell you how much fun I had!  A day of inspiration, learning and meeting with wonderful & talented people.

I cannot wait for the next event.

Photos courtesy of:
Denver Design District

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