Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Snob Guide To Gift Giving

Nicole's Guide:

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year.  I would love to give some of these gifts this year!

Domino magazine was by far one of my favorite shelter magazines of all time.  Some amazing, creative, fun and functional design ideas were born from flipping through its pages.  This book is one of my all time favorite design publications.  32.00$

This wool felt bag from the loaded trunk is so industrial and amazingly crafted completely of metal parts, not sewn.  175.00$

I can only imagine how this Venitian glass bubble necklace would glimmer when the light reflects it.  From the Moma store 115.00$

The "Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein has always been one of my favorite childrens books.  This hand painted engraved tree stump reminds me of a childhood favorite.  This one can be personalized with any initials you fancy at this etsy store.  24.99$

From the same store, this adorable felt ruffle pillow is available.  This one reminds me of colorful scarf I would wear.  24.99$

I am one of the old fashioned souls that truly enjoys writing things down.  With a pen or pencil, not a stylus.  These fabric covered journals are so pretty and just beg to have notes taken in them.  I love the pocket detail on the inside front cover, perfect for holding paint swatches.  Get yours at shop twine for 14.00$

I can picture this unique hanging light fixture in just about any corner of my home.  So unique, like a willow tree.  Add some botanical beauty to your home; available at modcloth for 64.99$

These notecards combine two of my favorite things, hand written correspondence, and shoes.  Maybe Santa will put some in your stocking?  Also available at modcloth.  11.00$

Give the gift of seeing the world through a retro lens.  This camera is so full of vintage charm, so much more interesting than a digital camera; it allows you to turn your photos into one of a kind art pieces.  The Sprocket Rocket Camera, available at uncommon goods  89.00$

The books tag line says it all.  I so want to dig into this one.  Available at Barnes & Noble.  14.66$

Available from the moma store is this reproduction Philippe Starck  Louis Ghost armchair.  There is nothing more classic in any space than a lucite Louise XVI chair.  410.00$ 

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