Tuesday, December 27, 2011

All Through The House...

Not a creature was sturing, not even a mouse!  

Just three days before Christmas, a Snob and her assistant, so diligently installed a special gift for a client.  Alyssa, in grade school, asked Santa for an Art Corner for Christmas.  Wishing for an art easel and the dream to visit Paris, she can practice and fine tune her artistic abilities before her big trip one day.

I love to repurpose and reuse whatever I may have laying around in my "Monica Closet" (Friends episode) or stored in my garage perhaps. Those items I can't seam to part with that I know I can use for a project one day.  Searching through antique stores and thrift shops is another love of mine.  I had no problem treasure hunting for this project.

I'll begin with the top of the work surface, a door that had been replaced with new updated doors in a home.  I primed and painted all sides of the door with Sherwin Williams Chalkboard Paint. 

 The door sits on top of stackable cubes from Stacks and Stacks.

The indoor/outdoor rug came from Ballard Designs.  I made sure to place a rug pad underneath the rug to protect the carpet from any possible spills and to help keep the rug in place.

The two paint cans on the top shelf are also painted with chalkboard paint.  Again, cans I have had for years that did not get used for flowers on my front porch one summer.  The No. 1 & No. 2 are written with chalk.  The shelves are wood scraps from a project years ago.  I painted them black and mounted with brackets from Lowe's.  

I couldn't believe it when I found this white shelving unit at the antique mall, perfect for binders and paper tablets. The container on the work surface holds blank canvases for future Picasso pieces.  The paint brush holder in front of the stacked canvases is made of the Parisian and Check Fabrics, rolled up and tied with ribbon.

Dollar Tree has some really nice storage and organizing containers.  No need to spend a fortune on these items.

Organized containers are not complete without labels.  Found these on The Container Store website.  Printed them out and labeled some containers and left blank labels for more storage added in the future.

White mug hooks hold these cute hanging storage baskets nicely on one end of the work surface.  Baskets are also from 
Dollar Tree.

A pocket organizer from Dollar Tree hangs on the other end of the work surface to house the organized pens, pencils and highlighters.

This enamel tray, found at an antique mall works perfectly as a magnetic board.  Funny, I saw the same tray in Southern Living Magazine displaying food just a day after the install.

The French flash cards and fleur de lis magnet were found at an antique mall.  Needing a few more magnets, I glued layers of buttons topped and them with a rhinestone for a little extra bling.

At the same antique mall I stumbled across a picture frame with no glass or backing.  Using cork board, I covered the cork with this adorable Parisian fabric from Wesco Fabrics.  

The treasures you can find at antique malls, how about this Eiffel Tower pencil sharpener. 

So excited when I found this bentwood chair for $13.  A fresh coat of black paint and a skirt with a cushion in fabrics from 
Trend Fabrics.  

It wouldn't be complete without black grosgrain ties and trimmed edges.  Again, repurposed the pillow insert and made a new cover with coordinating bling buttons tufted in the center.

Overall, a nifty Art Corner for an up and coming Picasso.


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  2. Jane this room is AWESOME! I love all your repurposed finds! Way to go!! Hope you are doing well.

  3. JoAnna, you were a real inspiration for this project. I had a blast and I hope you are doing well also, thank you!