Sunday, September 18, 2011


I am seeing the leaves on the trees begin to turn colors like the leaves on the dining table.

October is so close and gone are the days of decorating with summer plates & napkins.

Using multiple colors and texturs always creates a more 
interesting table.

I love layering with different sizes and shapes.

The little added details on top of the place settings are just like cake decorations, finishing touches.

Repurpose with the unexpected.    

Every table must have candles, that's a requirement.

A few smaller condiment dishes on the table is elegant.  Leave the big dishes for the serving area.

Arranging the silverware different for each dinner party is fun. 

Layering linens is just as important as layering the dishes. 

I even go as far as layering candles at different heights.

Don't just decorate the table, surrounding furniture is key as well.

Mix sparkle and dry items for more depth and pop.

Again, more candles, it creates great ambiance.  

Let your mind run wild, anything goes. 

Begin with some inspiration, combine colors and fabrics.  Take photos to refer back to ideas.

Adding glitter to a few key items is the difference between a flat look and that extra added bling.

What's the theme of your next dinner party?  I dare you to layer with the unexpected, you'll be glad you did!

Quilted linens & leaf pattern courtesy of Hill Country Quilting

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