Sunday, July 24, 2011

Scottsdale Progress Report

It's always a joy to see the progression of a design project.  I typically pop in to see how things are moving along.  In this case I do not have that luxury.  I do have great communicators, continually updating and sending me photos.

Here's your update.  A peak at before, during and after.

Master Bath complete with the acception of accessories.

Dining Room with a little pop of color.

Fireplace is coming along nicely.  The ceiling color of the dining room will be a nice accent with the stacked stone.

This week I will be visiting my Schoolhouse Project.  Last week I had a glimpse of the Men's room .  The grout was wet and I could not enter the room.  I'll see how the Women's is coming along and be sure to post a few pictures. 


  1. Jane this looks great! I love the painted ceiling-that color really ties in with the stone.

  2. Yes, JoAnna, and the pendant light will really pop as well.