Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Designer Profile: Sarah Richardson

I am so excited to feature Designer Sarah Richardson.  Only after reading her bio and seeing snapshots of her from earlier years in her career, did I realize that I used to watch her show on HGTV years ago!  This talented designer from Canada has had an amazing career in Lifestyle Television.  With three hit shows, Sarah is about to begin a fourth, Sarah's Cottage.  A wife and mother of two daughters, I don't know how she does it!

I hope you find the photos of her portfolio as inspirational as I do.  Enjoy...

The soft blue color on the wall falls onto the upholstered headboard, pillows and onto the rug on the floor.  The mix of other blues, greens and white in different prints is perfection in this cottage guest room.

Who wouldn't love sitting in this basement on the rich navy blue sectional watching Sarah on HGTV?  It's a wonderful mix of comfort and elegance.  I want to put my feet up on the fun ottoman of circles!

This laundry room/mud room is absolutely smashing.  This makes doing the laundry very pleasant.

The sitting are in this bedroom is divine.  I am a sucker for ANYTHING skirted, especially box pleats!  The pattern on the set of chairs is perfect.  Can I have a cup of tea and a book to read please?

The family room with it's mix of pattern, pillow and two paint colors on the walls is the look I typically go for in my design.  Down to the contrast print on the back of some of the pillows.  You never go wrong with a mix of patterns and textures.  The more the merrier, the better the design.  The dark color on the tv wall is brilliant.  The tv blends in so well and does not stick out like a sore thumb.  Don't forget the pattern in the rug, very important too.

Again, love the geometric print on the chairs.  Works so well with the window panels in cream and navy.  One of my own signature styles, the bands on the edge of the panels.  I do this in most of my projects and continually is a big hit.  A classic look that never goes out of style.

So often, an office only consists of a desk, chair and filing storage.  If you have room do it, please add furniture!  If you work from home, do you sit in your desk chair for eight hours?  It's nice to sit in a comfy chair for a change.  Another room for house guests if the guest rooms are full.  Or perhaps a quick power nap to get your energy back.  Notice the stripes not only on the chairs, but on the wall as well.  Brilliant, horizontal stripes.  Another one of my favorite paint treatments, the back of bookshelves in an accent color.

What a treat, I hope you enjoyed it too!

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