Monday, July 5, 2010

Out With The Old, In With The New

Are you familiar with the television show Friends? I watched it religiously. Such funny characters and easy to relate to. I love the episode when Chandler's estranged relatives send Monica and him a hideous punch bowl as a wedding gift. Chandler attempts to store it in the closet next to the bathroom and finds the door locked. Monica refuses to let him see what's in it. While Monica is not home, Chandler takes the door off the hinges and finds it a complete mess. Monica is a compulsive clean freak and Chandler realizes she actually has a junk closet.

Well, I have a "Monica Closet." Only it's not a closet, it is an entire room! I am embarrassed to admit that when I had guests over, I locked the door too. I have been compared to Monica to some degree in the past. It can be difficult when you just do not have much storage space and an entire room is filled with the pillows you don't use any more, old lamps replaced by new ones, or 10-ish paint cans left over from old projects completed around the house. Pretty soon you can't even walk into the room, huh. Today my fiance and I spent some time cleaning it out. What a relief, purging out the old, getting rid of what is not needed anymore. My junk may be somebody's treasure.

I am so excited to have a blank slate. The typical Builder Beige is just waiting in anticipation for a fresh coat of Color. What type of window treatment will accessorize the window? The fabric choices are endless, how exciting! Out with the old, in with the new. I may not sleep tonight, what will be the newest Snob Creation?

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