Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let's "Talk" about Spring

If you have spent a good amount of time in Colorado, you know that snow happens up until May. You also know that anytime we have a few days of nice weather in March, everyone is spoiled and so ready for Spring.

Waking up this morning was no treat.

Well, if I cannot wear my Spring clothes cause it snowing, I can still talk about Spring all I want!

 My favorite part about Spring is planting my beautiful flowers. I live for this every year.  But, I have to wait to plant until Mothers Day, May.

Heading to a BBQ with all the right stuff is always a joy.

Relaxing and soaking in the sunshine where ever I can.

Shopping for new throw pillows, bright, colorful to update the same old look.

Perhaps switching out some artwork or replacing a mirror with something patterned and colorful on the wall.

Anything for a fresh start to cheer me up.

It can fall, it can flake, it can do what ever it wants... I can still talk Spring all I want and love it, how about you?

Photos courtesy of Crate and Barrel, Getty Images and Kate Spade.

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