Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Well Skirted

I absolutely love table skirts!

I say the more fabric, the more fabulous.  Fabric just adds so much, texture, color and warmth.  I never tire of looking through fabric books.  Holding the fabrics in my hands, finding the right colors, mixing patterns, what new unique combos I can come up with every time.

Change up a side table, hide the legs, add fabric to the floor.  Make a statement with a buffet or console table.  Create a new focal point on a wall.  A piece of artwork from another room and simply rearranging a few accessories, and you have something new!

Here are a few great table skirts I found.

Bilhuber & Associates
Gunkelman Flesher Interior Design
Jeffers Desigh Group
John Willey Interior Design

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