Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Aqua Velvet

Interesting Aqua SW 6220 - Sherwin Williams

So, Aqua is my favorite color to wear.  This shade definitely has a grey tone to it soft, subtle and sensuous.  Go to Sherwin Williams website to view a more accurate representation of the color.

Again so may shades to choose from.

Often in my designs, I will use two shades of the same color... tone on tone.  I LOVE doing this and wearing it as well.  

I finally watched Marie Antoinette, talk about inspiration.  Amazing colors!



The metallic Aqua iPod nano is so pretty.

This blender makes me want to have a retro kitchen in pastel colors.

I just blogged about monogramming, can't get enough of it.  What a gorgeous place setting!

A nice cup of Lemon Zinger Tea.

The color combination of this lamp shade is great inspiration for colors in a room.  Caramel leather mixed with linens in yellow, white and two shades of Aqua. Then pop black around the room with accessories.


I am hooked on Aqua.

One thing I look forward to every Spring is planting flowers, my absolute favorite hobby throughout Spring and summer.  I can picture hot pink zinnias and pail yellow flowers growing like crazy in this pot. 
Wouldn't these lounge chairs look so much better with the potted flowers sitting next to them?

Wonderful wood trim in a pale Aqua shade.  Have you seen The Producers by Mel Brooks?  The office is wonderful, I am waiting for the right client to use those colors, very inspiring for me.


I am so ready for Summer! I want to wear skirts and sandals.

I love settees, I have one in my home.

Great statement, crisp clean pillows, beautiful glass chandelier and luscious rug.

Tone on tone artwork and then accessorizing with the lighter and darker Aqua, nice.

Aqua Velvet...

I like the table filled with vases and more on the floor with the ottomans.  
Absolutely one of my favorite colors!  My wardrobe this summer will consist of many shades of Aqua. 
So far, this is my favorite of the Snob's Top Ten 2010 Paint Colors.

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