Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Designer Profile: Tobi Fairley

Since my recent addiction of Blogging, I have found many first class blogs as well as numerous web sites I visit on a regular basis. In my fantastic finds, I introduce my new favorite Interior Designer, Tobi Fairley. This up and coming Designer was just recognized by Traditional Home Magazine as one of the Top 20 Young Designers In America. This great honor is easy to understand once you have the opportunity to peruse her portfolio.

Tobi's use of Bold patterns and colors is marvelous.

Large-scale geometric prints combined with traditional and functional furniture, describes Tobi's luxury residential signature look.

In the past decade, Tobi's high profile and celebrity client projects across the nation have earned her award winning status. Her designs have been published in Traditional Home, Better Homes and Gardens special publications, and the cover of At Home in Arkansas Magazine.

Since Tobi's gained popularity in the past seven months, she is currently working on product lines for several companies to be introduced in 2010.

Tobi's blog has a great list of her own Daily Reads and Tobi's Blogroll. I encourage you to visit Tobi's website and read her blog weekly. As a new designer, she is inspiring and the opportunity to watch a talented designer blossom before my eyes is exhilarating!

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